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Friday, January 20, 2012


moving to europe for 3 months, starting in March - if you want to buy some stuff, do it now!
xprum.vx at gmail - i just may cut you a deal...   i definitely will undersell what any distros and labels have these for
i have- 
Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting "Bubblethug" LP
Indignant Senility "Plays Wagner" parts 1 & 2 LPs...  also some CDs
Indignant Senility "Consecration of the Whipstain" 2LP
Diamond Catalog "Magnified Pallette" LP
v/a - Diamond Catalog "Magnified Pallette remixes" c95
Untrance "Deleted Seniors" c100
DJ Yo-Yo Dieting "Regurgitation As Birth" c100
DJ Yo-Yo Dieting "Blest Witches Flexing" cd
Warmth "Michi-gone-again" c30 (1 copy)
some old misc Shitty Vibe Smasher tapes (collab/jams w/ Pulse Emitter + Budweiser Sprite)
screenprinted t-shirts
probably some other stuff i am forgetting

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